Pam Stevens - The Reluctant Courier

Becoming a New You: The Power of Embracing Discomfort

As human beings, we are naturally inclined toward the familiar, feeling comfortable with what we know. But living life is unlike a straight line; there are ups and downs, lefts and rights, tos and fros. And when this line meanders, veering off-path, we realize that we may need to adapt accordingly.

That we must step outside of our comfort zones.

This internal realization prompts us to be brave and embrace discomfort. Catalysts like these can lead to significant changes in one’s life. There is great power in embracing discomfort. True growth and personal fulfillment lie at the precipice of challenging norms. Let’s discover what becoming a new you can mean for you.

01.  The Real World Awaits You

If you are too used to your comforts, you live in a safety bubble. Life is what you make of it – it is the sum of experiences we allow ourselves to have. If you don’t get yourself out there – you will stay forever stuck in your little safety bubble.

Let’s take a page from Sandra Stanford’s playbook. As the protagonist of The Reluctant Courier, her whole world (her safety bubble) is turned upside down when a dying man chooses her to deliver a secret message to Congressman Hoyt. Stanford is reluctant at first – but she eventually bursts her way out of her comfort zone and becomes willing to embrace whatever challenges come knocking.

You are living in a world of your own making. Sure, it’s fun – but you are missing out on so much more! The real world awaits you outside of your safety bubble.

02.  Discover Your Hidden Talents

When faced with unfamiliar circumstances, your body will kick into overdrive and fight to survive. You may not want to, but it will. And this takeover of your senses and willpower is how you will self-discover.

We are born with such potential! To find out what you are made of, you must tap into your potential. Unless you venture out into the outside world, your fight-or-flight tendency will not activate. It’s just like Sandra from The Reluctant Courier. All her life, she thought of herself as ordinary. But when she is pushed into a world of danger, with uncertainty lurking in every corner, she realizes she is anything but!

So challenge yourself and push yourself to dip into and utilize your inner resources. With each passing day, you will get closer to becoming a new you.

03.  Life’s Not a Wedding – There Are No Dress or Dinner Rehearsals

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can never completely prepare yourself. There will always be the element of surprise. Learning to embrace discomfort, you will never be blindsided by uncertainty. If you’re a fan of wedding movies (like Bridesmaids), let’s get one thing cleared up – life is not a wedding. You don’t get to practice major life events or get to do them over. There are no dress or dinner rehearsals – you get one shot at everything.

Does this scare you? If yes, good. But it shouldn’t as much as you think.

How does Sandra do it in The Reluctant Courier? One foot in front of the other. But you don’t have it that hard – your life is not in danger, and people aren’t out there to keep you (by all means necessary) from delivering a secret message to the right person to save an entire country in time.

So, relax.

By the way, there is an actual wedding in The Reluctant Courier. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

04.  One Brave Thing a Day Is the Way

So, you’re uncomfortable. Let’s try writing down what makes you uncomfortable.

It is commonly known that writing down your fears – essentially giving them a physical, tangible form – helps overcome them. So go ahead; make a list. Make sure you number the items, easiest first and onwards. Can you tackle one fear at a time? Of course, you can! So, do one brave thing a day. By the time you are done with your list, striking off the last item, you will have become a new you!

05.  Surround Yourself with the Right People

Your social circle should be like your hand – not a single finger identical.

This is not as hard as it may seem. Opposites attract, and you must take advantage of that. If you’re in your safety bubble, you will want to stick to what is familiar. Exposing yourself to people with different backgrounds, cultures, life experiences, and viewpoints will help you grow. Your different friends may push you to try new things and visit new places.

New is not scary.

Our support systems are important – just like Sandra’s is to her in The Reluctant Courier. She is a one-woman army and stands tall and proud on her own. But with Steven or her other friends, she outdoes herself.

You can, too!


Still afraid? That’s alright. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Leaving your comfort zone is not easy – you must face uncertainty, risks, and potential challenges. If you take small steps, tackle an obstacle at a time, and go about it slowly, you can come out on top anew.

You could be like Sandra Stanford. She makes for quite The Reluctant Courier, but as the story progresses, she becomes a different person, embracing all the discomfort life has thrown her way.

The Reluctant Courier is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other leading publishing platforms – be sure to get your copy today and become a new you reading through Sandra’s story.