Pam Stevens - The Reluctant Courier
Pam Stevens - The Reluctant Courier
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Pam Stevens - The Reluctant Courier

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I am Pam Stevens, a mosaic of identities – a businesswoman, a loving wife, a mom, a grandma, and, most passionately, a writer.  I found my voice in the unexpected corridors of Horseman’s Magazine many years ago. My journey into the enchanting realm of writing began on a path that unfolded amidst my days as a busy mom, a businesswoman, a photographer, and a journalist. There, among the stir of images and words, my deep-seated love for writing sprouted and blossomed.

Now, at seventy, I stand in the literary world as a re-emerging author, my pen seasoned by the many tales life has offered me. Each story I tell is a fragment of my diverse experiences, crafted not just to captivate my readers but to forge a bond of loyalty and carve a distinguished niche in the literary echelons.

As I peer towards the future, I envision my retirement painted with adventures and exploration. Every journey is laden with untold stories waiting to be captured and shared. My passion for writing travels with me, ever-present, eager to transcribe the myriad of experiences that life continues to present.         

Pam Stevens Author

The Reluctant Courier“, is a testament to my love for storytelling. This book is a harmonious blend of ease and suspense, a narrative that clings to you once you enter its world. At its core is Sandra, a beacon of resilience and relatability. She quickly becomes a friend, mirroring our struggles and triumphs.

The tale begins with an enigmatic note from a dying man, thrusting Sandra into a whirlwind of mystery and suspense. This moment sets the stage for a story filled with intrigue, drawing the watchful eyes of the FBI and weaving Sandra into a complex web of secrets. As the mystery deepens, I find myself, alongside my readers, piecing together clues and diving deeper into the narrative.